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SONM ARCHIVE is a nonprofit online platform which aims to spread experimental music and sonic art, as well as promote the artists that work in these fields.

This collection of cultural interest is framed within the boundaries of research and service to culture. Therefore, in order to be able to listen, registration is needed.

This is a streaming-only archive. Download is not allowed.

All the works, irrespective of the fact that they have been officially released or not, have their copyright.

What is MONOTON?

MONOTON is a platform for the dissemination of sound art in all its areas. It is a public access resource -both virtual and physical-, which offers a space for encounter, creation, exchange, debate, dissemination and dialogue for creators, researchers, consumers and all the individuals and collectives that make up the international community of sound art and audio art creators.

Given the increasing digitalisation of culture, we want to be at the forefront and take advantage of the possibilities of amplitude and expansion that this can provide us, promoting understanding and consumption of sound art amongst local, national and international audiences,in simultaneous times and spaces, with digital being the fundamental dimension of our activities. Another of the central pillars will be the continuous programme of concerts, installations, seminars, publications and information exchange relationships at an international level.

MONOTON takes its name from Symphonie Monoton-Silence, a 1947 sound and performance piece by artist Yves Klein. A work that varies over time since its very essence is in the duality of sound-silence, eliminating any diegetic-narrative nature of the music in order to live a pure experience, an approach to the idea of the absolute.

The multiple threads of sound art practice weave a tremendously rich tapestry, which includes everything from electronic, concrete and industrial music, to noise, minimal, soundscapes, glitch and avant-garde, amongst an infinite list of subgenres and possibilities. With unlimited means of shaping and manipulating sound, there are countless possibilities to cultivate this medium and push it beyond its limits.

In short, MONOTON is a space to celebrate our ears in our predominantly visual world, a place for sound art that encourages us to listen with all our senses and expand our imagination.



MONOTON's mission is to breathe life into sound art, audio-art and experimental music, paying special attention to the most contemporary and interdisciplinary proposals. Through production, research, experimentation, training, the generation of knowledge, promotion and dissemination, we wants to provide enjoyment and spike interest in the world of sound and its artistic possibilities from a positive world-shaping and transformative perspective, favouring the development of our society’s critical thinking and freedom of creativity.

The multifaceted nature of the project favours a cultural offer specialised in the world of sound and its most avant-garde and provocative creative proposals, welcoming and integrating all types of audiences. Citizens are invited to create, explore, experiment, cross interdisciplinary boundaries, try new practices, collaborate, participate, and become part of creative communities. A place for meeting, dialogue and co-creation.

To this end, we offer support and resources to artists and creators from various disciplines. A laboratory for ideas and projects, of encounters between creators and industry, a place to enjoy culture and leisure, and a firm commitment to sound and digital humanism.


MONOTON supports the promotion and dissemination of sound creativity, audio-art and experimental music through the digital archive of audio-works, publications and meetings, breaking down the barriers between music and sound.

We intend to go beyond what is known or accepted, offering a field of creation, experimentation and research in all kinds of aesthetics, movements, eras and sound manifestations: electronic, concrete, industrial music, noise, minimal, improvisation, soundscapes, glitch, turntablism, avant-garde, etc.

With the permanent vision of transferring knowledge to citizens, we focus our attention on education and mediation, favouring the development of individuals’ ability to construct meanings through sound discourse. With this purpose in mind, we strive to build cooperative ties and synergies with production companies and educational and creative institutions to activate long-term research projects.

MONOTON aims to expand creativity from the urban to the peri-urban environment, much like sound waves, seeking creative fluidity between the municipalities the city and aiming to be a local, national and international benchmark that places us at the forefront of the discourse on sound research.


MONOTON is based on a set of values, offering tools for the correct interpretation of our objectives. Our values are:


At MONOTON we believe in creativity as a common element of all citizens, professionals and, artists so we build our discourse and our content by supporting original, new, and risk-taking creations.

Equality and digital openness

We consider it essential that all citizens have the same opportunities to enjoy or create experimental sound and music, to know and to make themselves known. For this, we consider new technologies and digitalisation essential, allowing for universal access to sound content.

Sensitivity and respect for art

At MONOTON we understand that we work with materials and elements that have a value that transcends materiality. We therefore defend that its appreciation, as an expression of the human condition, is essential to give it the value it deserves within our society. For this reason, we always keep in mind that we work with global heritage that has a value that we strive to transmit to the public in all our activities with the appropriate mediation.


We work as a team, paying special attention to the abilities and motivations of the different members, obtaining a high performance, and obtaining results that go far beyond those achievable individually.


MONOTON is a living project, and as such it has the ability to adapt to changes in the environment, responding to the ever-changing needs of the population without being subject to rigid axes that impede the development of the project.

Support for talent and artistic creation

One of our main values is to contribute to the consolidation and growth of the Murcian artistic and creative fabric. within our residency programmes and open calls for proposals, we provide artists and creators with suitable resources and conditions to promote both the production and the dissemination of sound creation.

Education, open knowledge and dissemination

One of the main objectives is training in sound creation and experimental music, in an interdisciplinary way and as interactively as possible, with the purpose of broadening humanistic horizons and serving as personal enrichment for our visitors.

Social commitment

MONOTON aims to be an element of revitalisation, open not only to other cultural institutions and creators, but to all audiences regardless of age, gender or origin, favoring the diversity and participation of all members of the community. This will be achieved through the programming activities aimed at audiences that in other contexts are not taken into account regarding cultural offer.

Communication and Active Citizenship

We understand communication as an essential tool for relating to citizens and the environment. For this reason, we will develop new communication strategies directly, allowing for continuous feedback with the public and formats that allow our audience to share and disseminate our project and activities.

Innovation and avant-garde

At MONOTON we want to give tools to understand the profound changes that the use of technology and digital elements brings to our society and that are already underway, addressing their potentialities and risks, their opportunities and ethical dilemmas, always from a humanistic perspective. We ensure that new technologies, which require more open and transversal spaces, have room to develop their democratising potential in our city.

Entrepreneurial attitude and experimentation

At MONOTON we want to support and give way to new formats, new methodologies, new sounds, new ways of understanding music... and for this we consider it essential to provide resources for experimentation.

Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996, Texto Refundido de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual (España), modificado por LEY 23/2006.

Artículo 37. Libre reproducción y préstamo en determinadas instituciones

1. Los titulares de los derechos de autor no podrán oponerse a las reproducciones de las obras, cuando aquéllas se realicen sin finalidad lucrativa por los museos, bibliotecas, fonotecas, filmotecas, hemerotecas o archivos de titularidad pública o integradas en instituciones de carácter cultural o científico y la reproducción se realice exclusivamente para fines de investigación o conservación.

2. Asimismo, los museos, archivos, bibliotecas, hemerotecas, fonotecas o filmotecas de titularidad pública o que pertenezcan a entidades de interés general de carácter cultural, científico o educativo sin ánimo de lucro, o a instituciones docentes integradas en el sistema educativo español, no precisarán autorización de los titulares de los derechos ni les satisfarán remuneración por los préstamos que realicen.